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India China Bilateral Trade

India China Bilateral Trade - India China Trade Statistics 2016

India and China are the two most populous countries and fastest growing major economies in the world. They have come to play an increasingly leading role in world economic affairs and posted aggressive growth rates amongst other things. India China trade relations are the most important part of its bilateral relations. India China trade has observed rapid growth in the recent year. Without being affected the massive economic growth of India and China.
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Russia China Trade

Bilateral Trade between Russia and China - Russia China Trade Statistics

China is largest in global exports while Russia is at 16th rank. In global imports, China’s ranking is 2 and Russia ranking is 25. The difference in trade competitiveness also reveals in China and Russia’s market exposure to importing global goods. According to trade sector, China appears to be much less dependent on imports than Russia. In fact, only 10% of China’s domestic demand for goods is served by imports.
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pet coke imports in india

Pet Coke Imports in India from North America Increased Since 2016

Petroleum coke is a final carbon rich solid material that derives from oil refining. It is abbreviated as pet coke. It is produced in the production of synthetic crude oil from bitumen extracted from oil sands. The chemical and physical characteristics of pet coke are a function of the crude oil and refining technology used by the refinery. India is second largest pet coke consuming country in Asia after China.
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Pet Coke Importers in India

Petroleum Coke Import Data - List of Pet Coke Importers in India

India is the 2nd largest petroleum coke consuming country in Asia, after China. In the last few years, pet coke consumption in India has been increasing due rising demand of coke across cement and aluminium industries. And ongoing investments in industrial and commercial sector along with measures to reduce dependency on coal will embellish the growth of pet coke industry. In 2016, India imports of petroleum coke rose to USD 860851741 from 2015’s USD 678438821.
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