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India Russia Bilateral Trade

Recent Scenario of Bilateral Trade Relations between India and Russia

India exports to Russia stood at just USD 1.81 billion compared with USD 41.99 billion to the United States during the year 2016. India Russia trade deficit stood at USD 2.97 billion as the imports recorded USD 4.78 billion in 2016. India Russia bilateral trade stood at USD 6.59 billion in 2016. The trade balance between India and Russia with a deficit in 2015 recorded USD 2.91 billion and USD 1.99 billion in 2014.
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India Indonesia Bilateral Trade

Bilateral Trade Relations between India and Indonesia 2016

India Indonesia bilateral trade has increased from USD 4.3 billion in 2005 to USD 15.9 billion in 2015. It is declined due to normal global economic situation, fall in commodity prices and less overall imports by Indonesia. Indian companies have increased investment in Indonesia, primarily in power, textile, infrastructure, steel and consumer goods. The sectors like IT, Pharmaceuticals, infrastructure in railways are economic drivers of India but missing in Indonesia.
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HS Code

What is HS Code? How to Find HTS or HSN Code 2017?

HS Code is Harmonized System Code, which is also described as Harmonized Tariff Schedule and it is used in import export business to define a product. Most of the countries use HS Code up to 8 digit level. However, few countries like Russia, USA and South Korea use HS Code up to 10 digit level.
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India US Bilateral Trade

Trade between India and US - India US Trade Statistics 2016

USA is India’s largest trading partner with USD 62.38 billion in total goods trade during 2016. India exports to USA totalled USD 41.99 billion while goods imports totalled USD 20.39 billion. The India US trade surplus recorded USD 21.60 billion in 2016. The bilateral trade between India and USA has been expanded on a large scale in past years. Here, we take a comprehensive look at India US bilateral trade relations, India exports to USA, India imports from USA and sample of trade data.
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USA China Trade

USA China Trade Relations - USA China Bilateral Trade Statistics

In 2017, United States has the world’s largest economy and China is the second largest economy. However, in global exports, China top the market and USA is second largest while in global imports USA top the market and China is second largest. USA China trade has generated real benefits for the United States while China has been gaining a lot from it as well. China becomes the third biggest market for USA exports.
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