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Brazil Sugar Exports

Cane Sugar Exports from Brazil in 2016 - Sugar Export Data and Report

Sugar is the world’s most popular sweetener and it is the generic name for sweet, soluble carbohydrates which are used in food. Most of the sugar produced globally derived from sugarcane and the rest from sugarbeet. Sugarcane is processed to extract to sugar which is fermented for ethanol product or used in food industry. Brazil is top sugar exporter as well as producer country in the world. It is accounting for approximately 40% of world sugar exports.
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Drumstick Export

Drumstick Export from India - Drumstick Market Outlook

India’s exports of fresh drumsticks increased slightly in 2016 and settled at USD 110770000. The country recorded USD 101401000 export value of drumstick in the previous year. Since 2013, drumstick export from India has been on the rise. Drumstick in India is largely grown in southern states and it is exported mostly to the Arab countries. Over the past years, drumstick is being used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines due to its nutritional value.
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Products Exported

List of Products Exported from India - India’s Top 10 Exports

Indian export market has boosted the growth of Indian economy in last years. Exports contribute around four percent to India’s gross economic output. India is exporting many essential products to other countries and foreign markets are determined with Indian products. Indian export market has earned nearly USD 260 billion during the year 2016. The major export products of India include petroleum products, jewellery, pharmaceuticals, motor cars and so on.
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Maximum Exported Goods

World's Top Export Products - A list of Maximum Exported Goods

As per the trade data, global export sales recorded USD 15862 billion in 2016. What is the most exported product in the world? Motor Car is still the world’s top export well ahead of crude oil. Motor cars are vital for physical transportation regardless for the people live in a crowded city. Oil remains an essential ingredient for transporting both people and cargo around the world. Electronic equipment, telephone sets and petroleum oil are also export sales leaders in the world.
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International Buyers

How to Find International Buyers for Exporting Goods?

As an exporter, finding active buyers for your products can be one of the most difficult challenges in your business, particularly when you’re just about to start. Supplying goods to another country is never easy; you need to go through language, cultural norms, travel barriers and trade policies in order to succeed. However, new & cutting-edge technology makes the world closer & smaller and finding overseas buyers much simpler than it was in the past.
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