10 Largest Leather Export Trading Partners of India

12 March 2018
Leather Export Data

India is the 6th largest exporter country of rawhide, skin and leather products in the world. Indian leather exports amounted to USD 823 million in 2017, with maximum leather products of buffalo animal were supplied by the country. The share in value of leather goods made up of buffalo animal recorded 38.75% in the said year. According to Leather Export Report of India, India is exporting leather products to around 100 countries across the world. Hong Kong, Italy, China and Vietnam are the top leather export partners of India. Here is an overview of India’s leather export market on the basis of its export partners. Check the following table to know the 10 largest leather export partners of India with their trade figures and share values recorded in the year 2017.


Value (USD Million)

Share (%)

Hong Kong






























*Above stats are based on 2017 report

Here, we take a comprehensive look at the top five leather export partners of India. It is analysed on the basis of exporters, Indian States and Indian Ports.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the largest leather export partner of India and recorded 25.70% share in the total Indian leather exports. Indian leather exports to Hong Kong worth USD 211 million in 2017. More than 450 companies exporting leather goods to Hong Kong. Prara Leathers Pvt Ltd is the largest leather exporter in India traded majorly with Hong Kong in the said year. The leather made from skins of goat, cow, buffalo, buffalo calf and sheep are majorly exported to Hong Kong. Ten different states of India supplying leather products to Hong Kong. Tamil Nadu, followed by Uttar Pradesh, is the largest Indian state recorded highest leather exports to this country. As per Indian leather exports data, the leather has arrived to Hong Kong from 13 Indian ports including Chennai Air, JNPT, Chennai Sea, Sahar Air Cargo, Panki ICD, Kolkata Air, Delhi Air etc.


Leather export from India to Italy worth USD 102 million in 2017 which is 12.40% of the total Indian leather exports. Italy is India’s second largest leather export partner. Italy is importing leather products majorly made up of buffalo and goat skins. Super Tannery Ltd and Enayat Overseas are the biggest companies exported leather products to Italy in 2017. Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Punjab, New Delhi, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the largest Indian states which have exported leather articles to Italy in 2017. India has departed maximum shipments to Italy from JNPT worth 3.48% of the total value. Panki ICD, Chennai Air, Kolkata Air, Chennai Sea and Sahar Air Cargo are the other largest Indian ports from where leather shipments are departed to Italy.


Indian leather exports to China stood at USD 96 million in 2017 and more than 270 leather goods exporters from India traded with China. Rahman Industries Limited is the largest leather goods supplier in India exporting leather products in China majorly. Leather goods made of buffalo skins are the most selling products to China. Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu majorly exports leather goods to China. However, West Bengal, Maharashtra and New Delhi are the other states exporting also exporting to China. JNPT, Chennai Air and Panki ICD are the largest Indian ports departed maxim leather goods shipments to China during the same period.


Leather export from India to Vietnam worth USD 93 million in 2017 which represented 11.31% of the of the total Indian leather exports. There are around 230 leather goods exporters currently trading with Vietnam. Calico Impex, Fardia Prime Tannery Pvt Ltd and KKSK International are the largest leather goods exporters in India trading with Vietnam. Leather goods prepared from goat skins are higher in demand in Vietnam. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are the largest Indian states exporting leather goods to Vietnam and recorded share of 7.60% and 2.44% of the total sales respectively. Chennai Air, followed by JNPT, departs maximum leather goods shipments to Vietnam.


Leather export from India to Korea stood at USD 43 million during the year 2017 which was 5.24% of the total leather exports. It is recorded that more than active 180 leather goods suppliers in India exporting to Korea. Everest Tannery and Model Exims are the largest companies exported leather goods to Korea majorly. Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal and New Delhi are some Indian states exporting leather products to Korea. Chennai Air is the biggest Indian port departed maximum leather shipments to Korea in 2017.

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Here is the sample of leather export data of India including the major data fields that we cover in our report.

HS Code


Product Description

Softy Waxy Buffalo Calf Upper Finished Leather

Animal Name

Buffalo Calf





FOB Value (USD)


Origin Country


Unloading Port

Milan - Malpensa

Destination Country


Importer & Exporter Name 

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