Analysis Report

Analysis Report is a perfect way to have inside trade view of commodities, countries and companies. It contains detailed information about import & export products with wider specifications that is useful in growing business.

Industry-Specific Research and Analysis

No matter which industry you choose – Agriculture, Technology, Pharma or Garment, we make reports available on every product that will meet your business needs. Our import export analysis report gives a wider view of product and industry.

brand wise
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Type
  • Category
  • Variety
  • HS Code
  • Quantity
  • Value
  • Port
  • Country
  • Company
  • Many More

This is our on-demand service as per client's requirements. We provide trade analysis reports in Excel Spreadsheets with statistics, charts and graphs to have a simple and rightly-formulated view of a trading commodity with value-added specifications.

Who We Serve

Our analysis report helps to discover new business opportunities around the world. We generally serve our reports to:

  • importers exporters

    Importers & Exporters

    We help you find real buyer or supplier for your product and also help you drive business development with deeper insights from competitive intelligence and industry-focused analysis. Our export import analysis reports let you gain visibility into the trade activity of your competitors and partners.

  • Logistics companies

    Logistics Companies

    Logistics companies, freight forwarders and custom house agents use our market research reports to understand market share by trade lane, port, country of origin & destination, etc. They can find new prospects and expand their customer relationships.

  • financial institutions

    Financial Institutions

    We help banks and other financial institutions to conduct in-depth company research and select suitable importers and exporters for providing banking products & services. Thus, they can easily increase the list of customers from our analysis reports that highlight trading activities of companies.

  • market research

    Market Research Companies

    Market research companies use our import export analysis reports to track the activities of export-dependent and import-dependent companies, get a real-time view of commodity flows and come up with better conclusions on company, commodity & country.

  • team

    Sales & Marketing Teams

    Sales and marketing teams use our analysis report to identify major importers and generate prospect lists based on product imported, location, sales volume, shipping route, etc. They can also track trading activities of their current customers to ensure longer business relationships.

  • media agency

    Media Agencies

    Our data and analysis report is also used by media groups for providing larger picture of commodities, companies and countries to masses. Whether you are covering international relations and economics or local business, our trade analysis report helps you to cover every aspect of international trade.

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