"ТОВ ""Виробнича фірма ""Олтексхім"""

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location 28110, Кіровоградська обл. смт Павлиш,вул.Сухомлинського,6.

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Sample Bill of Lading

Date 07-Apr-2017
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""Виробнича фірма ""Олтексхім"""
Exporter Address 28110, Кіровоградська обл. смт Павлиш,вул.Сухомлинського,6
HS Code 3406000000
Product Description 1 Svichky paraffin - 29732sht: LS0422x x / 1 -720sht, LS0507x x / 1 -2352sht, LS0510x x / 1
-1080sht, LS0608x x / 1 -4680sht LS0610x x / 1 -2172sht, LS0708x x / 1-1284sht LS0710x x / 1
-4812sht, LS0712x x / 1 -2682sht LS0715x x / 1 -2364sht, LS0815x x / 1 -930sht, LS0820x x / 1
-660sht, LS1010x x / 1 -1374sht, LS1015x x / 1-1884sht, LS1020x x / 1 -126sht, LS1030x x / 1 -18sht,
LS0225x x / 1-24 (set) -200sht, LVo07x x / 1 -180sht, LVo08x x / 1 - 1188sht, LVo10x x / 1 -210sht,
LT0421x x / 1 -216sht, LSD0904x x / 1 -360sht, LSD1304x x / 1-240sht
Unit UA806050
Fob 16742.31371
Country of Destination NETHERLANDS
Rfv Usd Per 1kg 1.438041
Edrpou Hr2 37467948
Declarer "ТОВ ""Виробнича фірма ""Олтексхім"""
Customs 806
Type Md ЕК/10/АА
Country Fsus Name UKRAINE
Edrpou Hr14 38348065
Trading Country Name UNITED KINGDOM
Net Weight 11642.44
Terms Of Delivery Альмере
Gross Weight 12872.26

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Shipment Details of "ТОВ ""Виробнича фірма ""Олтексхім"""

Date HS Code Product Description Quantity Value Exporter Importer Foreign Country [13] More Fields
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07/Apr/2017 3406000000 1.Svichky paraffin - 29732sht: LS04... 0 16742.31371 "ТОВ ""Виробнича фірма ""Олтексхім""" View Importer NETHERLANDS
07/Apr/2017 3406000000 1.Svichky paraffin - 10233sht: LS07... 0 5097.089463 "ТОВ ""Виробнича фірма ""Олтексхім""" View Importer GERMANY
19/Apr/2017 3406000000 1.Svichky paraffin -688: S0225h.h /... 0 701.850123 "ТОВ ""Виробнича фірма ""Олтексхім""" View Importer FRANCE

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