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971United Arab Emirates
226Burkina Faso
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Latest Notifications

  • DEPB rates for formulations consisting of more than one bulk drug where some of the constituent drugs are having specified DEPB rates while others are non-specified ones ...More
  • Clarification regarding the admissibility of DEPB against the export of some products under the Product Group: Engineering. ...More
  • Attention is invited to Notification No. 2 (RE-2000)/97-02 dated 31.03.2000 ...More
  • Importability of cars , microbuses etc. by travel agents , tour operators or tourist transport operators under 5% EPCG Scheme ...More
  • DEPB rates for chemical formulations consisting of more than one bulk drug ...More
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  • Classification of various Products under ITC(HS) Classifications of Exports & Imports Items (1997-2002) ...More
  • Export of Coarse grains during the licensing year 2000-2001 ...More
  • Guidelines for recognizing branded products. ...More
  • Acceptability of documentary evidence for fulfillment of export obligation against EPCG Scheme ...More
  • Consideration of application under paragraph 6.8 of the Handbook (Vol.1) ...More
  • To consider ICD, Jalandhar as a notified port under paragraph 7.56 of Handbook (Vol.1) (RE-00) ...More
  • Attention is invited to Notification No. 3(RE-2000)/97-2000 dated 31.03.2000 ...More
  • Fulfilment of export obligation under EPCG through deemed exports under paragraph 6.5 (iv) of Policy. ...More
  • Export of goods to RPA countries against payment in Indian Rupees in respect of irrevocable letter of credit ...More
  • Export of Sandalwood Oil ...More
  • Attention is invited to Para 2 (3)(7) of Notification No. 9 (RE-99) dated 19. 05.99 Notification No. 15(RE-99) dated 02.07.99 ...More
  • Consideration of application under paragraph 6.8 of Handbook (Vol.1) without reference to Headquarters EPCG Committee. ...More
  • Transitional arrangement regarding various provisions of Handbook (Vol.1) (RE-99) ...More
  • Debonding of EOU/EPZ units under EPCG Scheme. ...More
  • Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs ...More
  • Port restrictions on import of natural rubber(all items classified under Exim Head no. 40.01) ...More
  • Placement of quantity of 8500 MTs of Raw Sugar from the Freesale Quota of 2000-2002 Season ...More
  • Placement of quantity of 10,000 MTs of sugar from the freesale quota of 2001-2002 season ...More
  • Port restrictions on import of natural rubber ( all items classified under Exim Head no. 40.01). ...More
  • Applicability of Policy Circular No. 23 dated 22.10.1997 to all VABALs Issued from 01.04.1992 onwards. ...More
  • Regularisation of Value Based Advance Licence ...More
  • Regularisation of Value Based Advance Licence . ...More
  • Positive Value Addition Stipulation for Advance Licence for Deemed Exports ...More
  • Placement of quantity of 10,000 MTs of Raw Cane Sugar under SPS quota to EU ...More
  • Placement of quantity of 8500 MTs of Raw Sugar from the Freesale Quota ...More
  • Condition on import of textile and textile articles as per paragraph 11 of Notification no.3 ...More
  • Import of goods of Indian Origin under the various Export Promotion Schemes ...More
  • Non-production of logged DEEC Book ...More
  • Non-production of logged DEEC Book. ...More
  • Placement of quantity of 10,000 MTs of white sugar under Preferential quota to EEC ...More
  • Settlement of audit objections wherever Special Import Licence (SIL) was called for ...More
  • Refund of Excise Duty paid on tea procured by EOU/ EPZ units in the period 01.03.1999 to 30.11.1999 ...More
  • Attention in invited to Public Notice No. 45- ITC (PN)/81 dated 05.09.1981 ...More
  • Maintenance of Average by the EPCG licence holders during the extended period of time ...More