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Trade directory

A very basic and effective method of finding international buyers and suppliers is a "Trade Directory". Trade directory is a key ingredient in the development of successful international marketing and find potential buyers and suppliers. A trade directory is a collection of manufacturers, suppliers, Importers and traders. Export Genius Trade directory is different from other Trade directories because we collect these companies data directly from the ports of various countries. We always provide Active buyers and suppliers who are currently engaged in doing business. Our Trade Directory contains Company's Name, company's contact information, Country, Commodity in which company deals etc. The advantage of using our trade directory is that a buyer can view thousands of suppliers and a supplier can view thousand of Active buyers of his products efficiently and in a timely manner.

Export Genius Provides Trade Directory of

Five reason to choose Export Genius Trade Directory:

  • We collect the data of companies directly from the ports of 192 countries.
  • We provides Country wise Directory
  • We provides Commodity wise Trade Directory
  • We always provides Active buyers and suppliers
  • We always offer Affordable price for trade directory

Exporters/Manufactures Trade Directory

  • Fabrics Exporters Directory
  • Wool Exporters Directory
  • Auto-parts Exporters Directory
  • Mobile Phones Exporters Directory
  • Finished Leather Exporter Directory
  • Garments Exporters Directory
  • Sport Goods Exporters
  • Cosmetic Exporters Directory

Importers/Buyers Trade Directory

  • Fabrics Importers Directory
  • Wool Importers Directory
  • Auto-Parts Importers Directory
  • Mobile Phones buyers Directory
  • Finished Leather Importers Directory
  • Garments Importers Directory
  • Sport Goods Importers Directory
  • Cosmetic Importers Directory

Country wise Trade Directory

  • U.A.E Rice Importers
  • U.K Honey Importers
  • Turkey Garments Importers
  • Australia sports goods Importers
  • France Handicraft Importers
  • China Laptop and parts suppliers

Global Trade Data


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