Power imports from Jharkhand to cost Bangladesh dear

Published on : April 21, 2017 Topic : Import

Bangladesh has decided to import costly electricity from the Adani Group from its 1600MW mega plant to be set up in Jharkhnad, India.

The Bangladesh government has decided to import high-priced electricity from the Adani Group at Tk6.89 (8.61 US cents) per kWh from its 1600MW mega plant that will be setup in Jharkhand, India.

The Power Division proposal on importing power is likely to be placed at the cabinet committee meeting on public purchase for approval next week, said a government official.

“This will be a dedicated project for importing power to Bangladesh at a rate much higher than the price proposed by other companies with coal based power plants,” the official said, requesting anonymity.

“Adani Group will get 3.9 US cents out of 8.61 US cents per unit as a levelised capacity payment of the plant,” the official added.

According to Power Division, as per the rate fixed for Adani, the country will have to pay an additional cost of nearly Tk300cr to the Indian company over the next 25 years as compared to other coal-based power plants.

An analysis by the Power Division said S Alam Group’s proposed 1,320MW coal-based power plant, to be set up in Chittagong, will supply electricity to the Power Development Board at 8.25 US cents per unit, while Orion Group will sell power from its 635MW coal-based power plant in Gazaria, Munshiganj at 8.37 US cents per unit.

Also, even the controversial coal-based 1,320MW plant in Rampal, Khulna will be able to generate power at only 8 US cents per unit.

The Power Division proposal said the Bangladesh Power Development Board has already sought permission from Indian authorities regarding immunity or protection in case of changes in law or political events in Indian territory.

Power Development Board has also requested Indian authorities to waive the electricity import taxes and duties.

Founded in 1988, Adani Group is one of India’s leading business houses with revenues over $12 billion.

Source: www.dhakatribune.com
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