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5 Tools Which Everyone in the Export Import Industry Should Be Using

Added On: 2015-10-15

Looking for the best 5 free tools for finding the import-export data over the Internet? If yes, then you have come to the right place! Which different search data options are available and how you can do the data search process, get all your answers of your questions regarding effective tools for getting foreign data from the below-mentioned content!


Trade Tools :-

1st – Find HS Code

Do you know the HS Code of the product? If yes, then just type it in the field provided and enter it to find the import and export data of that particular product. Basically, HS Code or Harmonized System or Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of tariff nomenclature, is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify the traded products.

For example, know the trade data of Cheese and Curd by entering the HS Code of it which is 04061000. If you want to know which countries are major importers or exporters of cheese and curd, you need to select export or import through the foreign trade data tool. View demo below

2nd – Country Codes

You can also search for the shipment data of a particular country through country codes option. For example, if you want to know the top imports of India during 2013-15, you must know the country code of India, which is IN or IND (3 characters). Find the demo here

3rd – World Port Codes or Lists

Apart from HS Code and Country Codes, you can know about the total shipment of a particular port through world port codes wise. Learn from the example – if you want to see the total shipment of Car-Nicobar, you need to type INCNB1 in the space provided on the website of import-export data provider. See below

4th – Business / Trade Directory

A basic and an effective method of finding the data on international buyers and suppliers is a “Trade Directory.” The information provided through this option is actually collected directly from the ports of various countries. You can find country wise exporters and importers. For example, if you need the trade details of active buyers and sellers in Indonesia, you can find it with this absolutely amazing foreign trade data collection way.

5th – Import-Export Data

The last but not least, you can find a clear picture of total exports and total imports of a particular country with the help of “Import-Export Data” tool. It provides complete figures and analysis of a nation’s trade balance. You can find year-wise, month-wise, country-wise and product-wise trade data with this option. Even you can get the actual figures, trade growth in percentage and so on. For example, if you want to find Vietnam’s trade in balance data of top 10 products year-wise, you have to put the country name in the space provided and select an option of trade in balance and year-wise.

Now I hope you will be able to find the import-export data as per your requirements!

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